Services Background


A&A strives at providing high quality services in architecture, interiors, planning and landscape. What distinguishes the experience of working with A&A is that clients benefit from a single point of accountability, effective decision-making, seamless delivery, and excellent results.

At the request of our clients for expert advice and assistance throughout the development process, A&A is a one-stop consulting design practice. We are dedicated to provide our clients to participate and enjoy the process of creating a successful project.


Architecture is the art and science of “creation beyond expectation”, with sustainable and beautiful environments for its occupants.


We design an interior space that improves performance, collaboration, inspire occupants and also attract the best employees.


Commercial Services
A&A’s planners and designers create sustainable campuses for residential, institutional and hospitality. We follow a place-based, integrated systems approach to inform our master plans and urban design strategies. This ensures that our solutions are economically viable while being socially and environmentally responsive.


A&A’s landscape architects shape environments that connect people to each other and to the nature around them. For projects ranging from less than half an acre to 100 acres, our landscape architects blend imaginative designs with natural systems to establish a sense of place.