Design Culture

Our Architects are our most valuable asset. They inspire the ideas behind our work and generate the energy that forms our culture. We foster a culture of design through team building, professional education and social activities and celebrations.

Design Excellence

Design Excellence brings diverse aspects of A&A ‘s market expertise to our project work. Projects undergo review and discussion with the firm’s leaders in a forum created for sharing design solutions. With this strategic guidance, focus on strategic design issues is strengthened.

Sustainable Design

We’re committed to providing the tools, education and resources that enable our staff to design sustainably. These include LEED certification study sessions, guest speakers and participation in developing the new LEED rating systems. We also integrate sustainable principles into the way we operate from energy conservation to public transportation subsidies.

Design Dialogues

Design dialogues are an opportunity to explore current work in each of our studios. Discussions range from strategic design solutions to current market trends. The dialogues are an opportunity to garner a variety of ideas from peers.

Community Involvement

Contributing positively to our communities and environment is one of A&A’s values. We donate to non-profit groups through corporate, employee and in-kind contributions and we support our staff and their areas of interest by matching donations to the non-profit organizations they support.